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Test cáp quang BPM-100, Test FC ST SC

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Test-cap-quang-BPM-100- Test-FC-ST-SC

Phân phối bởi: AnNamtelecom_network!
Add : 363 Nguyễn Khang – Cầu giấy – Hà Nội
Email: phukienmangvn@gmail.com
ĐT: 024. 37759402 – hotline: 092.320.5555


Chi Tiết:

– BPM-100 power meter is a good performance in today’s field of optical communications measuring instruments.
— Portable design, the exterior with rubber shock sets in harsh outdoor environments can be well protected instruments.
— The dynamic range of up to 78dB, resolution 0.01dB, linearity better than 0.02 dB, and with high-precision measurement performance.
— It can measure small changes in the fiber and connector loss, can be an optical attenuator, a light source calibration.
— BPM-100 with BPM-101 are considering using a specially designed optical filter, in order to ensure that the measurement range of +8 and +26 respectively.
PM — not only in the main section of the standard communication wavelength 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1550nm testing and calibration, and is still widely used in optical fiber amplifiers 1490nm, 1625 nm wavelength testing and calibration.


ĐT: 0912.100.046

Hotline : 092.320.5555

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Email: :phukienmangvn@gmail.com

Hotline: 0912.100.046

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